20 фунти стерлинга

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  • When you use them when taking photos and videos, they look as realistic as possible.
  • Movie money is resistant to mechanical stress. When making them, we use waterproof printing and high-quality matte paper to expand your possibilities in realizing the most daring ideas!
  • We have changed many details in the design of fake money so that you can use them 100% legally as props around the world. Banknotes have the same serial numbers and the inscription "Copy". No signs of protection.


  • Souvenir money is NOT a means of payment! They cannot be used as real money. Therefore, they can be safely used in a variety of situations, eliminating the risk of loss or theft.
  • Use fake banknotes to create impressive music videos, movies, YouTube and TikTok videos.
  • Use money to get the most out of your board gamesIncrease your emotions by playing poker and other games of chance.
  • Counterfeit money guarantees strong impressions of magic tricks and pranks!
  • Get into the holiday spirit by using souvenir money to decorate a party, have a "money shower" at the disco, or give it as a fun birthday present.
  • Use cash props for photo shoots to create a unique atmosphere and a special style.
  • Souvenir money of various world currencies and denominations is purchased for collecting.
  • Props money is also suitable for children to learn how to handle money, develop math skills and just for fun games.

Realize your most creative ideas!

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